Jumpstart Your Tax Savings: Partner Course

Jumpstart Your Tax Savings

Join SVIC contributors and tax strategists Amanda Han & Matt MacFarland to learn how to jumpstart your tax savings with your real estate investments. After working with real estate investors across the nation, Amanda and Matt have personally put together this introductory course to help new investors take the first step in tax savings!

The course is separated into four parts. You’ll:

  • Learn why many investors overpay in taxes and how you can avoid those common mistakes.
  • Understand how tax savings can help supercharge your wealth building.
  • Learn the Top 10 tax savings strategies especially for real estate investors. On everything from finding hidden cash within your deals to using retirement investing to supercharge your real estate.
  • Learn the Six-Step Process to having an Effective Tax Savings Plan
  • And, as a bonus, you’ll get a checklist of additional tax planning areas, a tool to assess whether you may be overpaying in taxes, and 30 life events for tax planning opportunities!

Also, if you invest in the course and determine that it was not beneficial for you, Amanda and Matt will provide a full refund of your fees, no questions asked!

The best part? SVIC members save 15% by entering Promo Code: SVICJS

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Meet Your Instructors

Amanda Han & Matt MacFarland

As both tax strategists and real estate investors, Amanda Han and Matt MacFarland help investors nationwide with tax saving strategies designed to supercharge their wealth building and to keep more of what they make. Amanda and Matt have a highly rated book Tax Strategies for the Savvy Real Estate Investor on Amazon and they have been featured in prominent publications including Money Magazine, Talks at Google,CNBC’s Smart Money Talk Radio as well as BiggerPockets podcasts. Amanda and Matt have a passion for animals and founded Animals for Armed Forces, a non-profit organization that has helped to place over 1,500 shelter pets with forever homes.