Find Quality Friends ● Deepen Relationships ● Know When to Let Go

Improve your relationships by understanding not only how you operate, but also how the cycle of friendship turns. With easy-to-learn principles, you’ll soon develop the healthiest of friendships.

Cycles of Friendship

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What You Will Learn

How to:

  • Pick and choose quality friends because friendships are hard enough to maintain – you don’t want to waste time on fake friends.
  • Help your friends achieve their goals and get through rough patches – being a good friend isn’t always about you, sometimes you’ll need to lend a hand, too.
  • Recognize common misconceptions that threaten friendships, allowing you to truly be a good friend.
  • Move friends from Acquaintance to Casual to Close and back down as the natural cycle of friendship evolves.
  • Strengthen connections with your friends, husband/wife, children, and other loved ones.
  • Let go of those who you’ve grown apart from, keeping your circle positive, productive, and supportive.

Having friends you can count on is an integral part of human life. But, understanding how to grow and nurture your friendships – especially those you value the most, isn’t always easy. Relationships ebb and flow like the ocean tide, though unlike the ocean, there are ways to impact and effect the flow of friendships.

With our easy-to-digest lessons, you’ll learn how to strongly connect with those you care about most. Then, you’ll put those lessons into real-life practice through the course workbook, allowing you to enrich and grow your relationships. You’ll learn how to do the following, vital steps:

  • Become a better friend yourself, showing others you’re a friend worth having, too.
  • Develop stronger relationships that will last longer and be more meaningful.
  • Add depth and perception to your world view, by truly getting to know a variety of people and allowing yourself to grow. 
  • Know when to let go – not all friends are worth keeping, even if it hurts to say goodbye.
  • You’ll also learn much more about creating and maintaining stronger friendships. 

The professional benefits of having a healthy social circle are important factors to keep in mind as well. Through this course, hundreds of STEM professionals have learned to foster their social lives, and in turn become happier, and more productive. We know you can, too!

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What’s Inside the Course?

Once enrolled, you’ll find:

  • 10, five to eight-minute, daily video lectures so you get bite-sized bits of info that won’t overwhelm.
  • A corresponding, hands-on workbook to help you deepen your relationships.
  • A survey to let us know what you thought about the course, and
  • A Certificate of Mastery to show off to your boss, on LinkedIn, and/or frame on your wall!


The Course Includes:

  • 10 Lessons
  • Hands-On Workbook
  • Supplemental Reading Material
  • Course Certificate (no course quiz required!)
  • Course Survey

Module 1 – Finding Friends

Lesson 1: Be Worthy of Friendship
Lesson 2: Romantic Notions
Lesson 3: What Kind of Friend are You?
Lesson 4: Starting Over


Module 2 – Deepening Friendships

Lesson 5: The Art of Give and Take
Lesson 6: More is not Always Better
Lesson 7: Early Days

Module 3 – Letting Go

Lesson 8: Things Go Wrong 1: the Ups and Downs of Friendship
Lesson 9: Things Go Wrong 2: the Complainer’s Club
Lesson 10: Things Go Wrong 3: Envy, Rivalry, and Reconnecting


How does it work?

Friendships come and go in a natural cycle. This course helps you understand that cycle, and helps you influence it, allowing your friendships to evolve over time. Cycles of Friendships is designed for you to complete one lesson per day. This allows each concept to fully sink in and be understood before you move on to the next. 

A lot of online courses are incredibly long – not ours. You’re able to move faster than one lesson per day if you’d like, but going slow and steady is the name of the game. One per day also makes it very easy to fit into your busy schedule.

As for the workbook, the assignments are designed to give you real-life practice for each lesson so you learn deeper, faster, and truly see improvements every day.

Who Will This Course Benefit?

Humans are social creatures – and regardless of how social we are, we need healthy relationships and friendships to keep us happy and sane. So, if you need help nurturing and maintaining your relationships, then this course will benefit you. 

This course uses principles of proactive, intentional action, coupled with your own, real-life experiences and experiments to help strengthen the bonds of friendship in your life. You’ll grow your social circle into a flourishing community that will be there to help you in your personal and professional life.

With Cycles of Friendship, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make new friends because sometimes you need a fresh start.
  • Map a vision of who you’d like to be then work on becoming that person.
  • Broaden your horizons by opening up to others’ experiences and friendships.
  • Build a network of friends you can be proud of – which will help you want to maintain your connections.
  • Not worry about why you want to be this person’s friend – if you both feel a connection – see where it takes you!
  • Re-evaluate friendships – sometimes that means you realize you’ve grown apart, sometimes you’ve grown together – either way, it’s good to know where you stand.
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Meet Your Instructor

Jordan Thibodeau

Jordan has spent over a decade forging relationships with CEOs, authors, and entrepreneurs through his professional work on Google’s Mergers and Acquisitions Team, and Google’s Talks Program - a TED-like series recorded for offices worldwide. Jordan’s also the community manager and founder of the Silicon Valley Investor’s Club (SVIC).

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